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Monday, November 20, 2017   /   by Meagan Henry

What To Look For When You Want A Horse Property In Texas

Shopping For Texas Horse Properties.
Sometimes working with horse owners can be very challenging. They can range from crusty old cowboys that see their horses as "employees" to wealthy folks who treat their equines like royalty. And their opinions go right along with the paradigm that they come from.
The Right Land For Horses
Just because you have some amount of land, it doesn't mean you have an "equestrian property" per se. Obviously, the more land, the better, at least in terms of grazing forage. But it makes a huge difference about what kind of land too. Is it rocky? Is the topography dangerous? Are there trees to shade your ponies? Just having some acreage in Central Texas doesn't qualify your property as a great place for a pony to take up residence. There are areas around Central Texas where acreage tracts are available, but with the limestone formations, the topsoil is often very thin, and so there's not much grass. Rock outcroppings are common in this area as well. With the . ...

Monday, November 20, 2017   /   by Meagan Henry

The X Games are coming to Austin!

Austin Welcomes the X Games
[caption id="attachment_15343" align="aligncenter" width="600"] X Games Come to Austin![/caption]
As if the Central Texas summers weren't hot enough already, they are about to get even hotter with the X Games coming to Austin! After eleven years of hosting the X Games in Los Angeles, the action-packed sports games are packing up, saying farewell to the West Coast and moving east to Central Texas. In May of 2014 the X Games will move into their new home at the Circuit of the Americas, which is a new race track located just a few minutes outside of Central Austin that hosts sporting events and concerts. In addition to changing cities, the X Games are also changing their time frame. Traditionally the X Games are held in August but because of the insanely hot Austin summers, the X Games will now be held in May. The 1,500 acres of the Circuit of the Americas in Austin beat out Chicago, Detroit, and Charlotte, North Carolina for the gig. But why would a race tra. ...

Monday, November 20, 2017   /   by Meagan Henry

The Top Ten Reasons You Should Consider The Homes for Sale in Georgetown TX

The Top Ten List for Georgetown Homes For Sale
These days, the secret is out about Central Texas. Robust economic growth, great weather year-round, friendly people, safe communities, awesome culture and dining.... the list goes on and on. And if you want all of the best features of Central Texas with your next move--and some unique highlights to boot--you should seriously consider homes for sale in Georgetown TX. And since everybody loves a good top-ten list, without further ado....
1. Beautiful Neighborhoods and Developments

Located on the Northeastern edge of the Texas Hill Country, the natural beauty of Georgetown is no secret to many of the area and nation's top home developers. Whether it's the dramatic stone tower entrance to the georgeous homes of Beltorre, the bright and spacious houses of Estrella on acre-plus lots, the luxurious guest-entertaining features of Woodland Park homes like pools, hottubs, outdoor grills and kitchen facilites, or the unique feat ...

Monday, November 20, 2017   /   by Meagan Henry

Georgetown TX Real Estate Stands Out

Georgetown TX Real Estate Is On Everyone's Radar
Georgetown's not a secret anymore to those moving to Central Texas from other states. For those considering the growing communities of Central Texas, none have quite the charm and historic elegance of Georgetown. Nestled on the edge of the Texas Hill Country and home to stunning wide-open spaces and teeming with red poppies in the spring, Georgetown TX real estate offers buyers the best of everything that Central Texas has to offer.
Located 26 miles north of state capital Austin, Georgetown's distinctive Victorian architecture defines homes and businesses around its famous square. The oldest university in Texas, Southwestern University, was founded in Georgetown in 1840. Georgetown even has its own lake --the pristine Lake Georgetown, which is great for boating, hiking, bass fishing and swimming.
Georgetown Has Great Outdoor Living
One of the most attractive aspects for homebuyers looking at Georgetown is the city's awesome outdoor l. ...

Monday, November 20, 2017   /   by Meagan Henry

The Affordable Appeal of Georgetown's Mission Oaks

Mission Oaks In Georgetown Is Affordable & Attractive
Georgetown not only offers wide open acreage complete with stunning Hill Country views, beautiful custom designed homes with privacy and access to first rate amenities, but also great value as well. And one of the finest examples of this is Mission Oaks.
With many new homes built since 2009, Mission Oaks is a great budget-friendly community of 1 acre plus neighborhoods, especially when you take into consideration Georgetown’s low property taxes. Offering 4-5 bedroom homes, prices start in the mid $300’s and many are complete with 3-4 bathrooms with 3 car garages. Surrounded by majestic oak trees and a gorgeous natural backdrop, custom builders like Chris Graves and Wilde Wood Custom Homes have ensured that a great selection of houses and styles are available to choose from.
Located off Williams Drive and Ronald Reagan Blvd, Mission Oaks is just twenty minutes from Georgetown’s historic square. The square is famous for its Vic. ...