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Monday, April 25, 2022   /   by Kathryn Jones

What You Need To Know About Appraisals | Russ Phillips & Nick Pronsky of Legacy Mutual Mortgage

Our very own President, Russ Phillips teamed up with Legacy Mutual Mortgage's Nick Pronsky again to talk what to do when there's multiple offers on the table. Nick has an extensive knowledge and understanding of the industry after spending time in underwriting, processing, and origination, both in wholesale and in retail. Nick really found his calling when he moved to Austin and became a full-time loan originator, where his knowledge of mortgage underwriting guidelines and his commitment to providing excellent customer service helped him grow his business through a trusted network of referral sources. He is very accessible and straightforward with all of his clients, he always works diligently to make sure clients are comfortable throughout the process of obtaining a home loan, and his goal is to provide each homebuyer with the best possible loan program and terms to fit his/her individual financial goals.Nick has been voted by industry peers as a Top 10 Mortgage Profession ...

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Friday, April 22, 2022   /   by Kathryn Jones

Learn How To Lower Your 2022 Property Taxes

Opening your annual property tax bill is typically frustrating. It always seems too high, and most homeowners just pay it without realizing they can lower it. You pay enough in government taxes. Don't give up more than you have to.
Sometimes homeowners don't protest because they don't know they can or don't know how. And then there are those who don't think a small reduction is worth their efforts.
Using a tool like Home Tax Shield helps you easily decipher what you actually owe in property taxes, putting money back in your pocket. Home Tax Shield works on your behalf to save you as much as possible on your property tax bill. All you have to do is give them a little information upfront, then they take care of the rest. It’s also guaranteed every year.
Don’t leave money on the table! Check out Home Tax Shield and let The Russ Phillips Team know if you have any questions or need more assistance.
PS: I sourced this extremely informative video below that discusses a mor ...

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