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Home Selling Tips: How To Pick A Realtor Pt. 2

Monday, November 20, 2017   /   by Meagan Henry

Home Selling Tips: How To Pick A Realtor Pt. 2

Home Selling Tips:  How To Pick A Realtor Pt. 2


This blog post is continuing in home selling tips on how to pick your realtor. So, again, you want to come to the meeting with some questions you want to ask in order to vet and make sure that you're finding a good quality agent to sell what's probably your largest asset.


What Are the Market Trends Now?

You should be able to ask them: what are the market trends now? A good seasoned agent is watching the market on a daily basis and is seeing and feeling things and hearing other agents talking, in touch with title companies and maybe even a local economist and should be able to answer that question based upon some market data and also experiences and conversations that they're having out there in the field.


How Have You Handled The Unexpected?

Next: how have you handled the unexpected? Now, if you were interviewing for a job, this is the type of question you'd expect to hear probably. Tell me about a time when something went wrong and how did you handle it? A good experienced agent cannot have made it through even a year in this industry without something going wrong. So, that experience will lend itself to help you if something is to come up to be able to be prepared to handle it smoothly and have a game plan based on past experience.


What Is Your Philosophy On Communication?

And then: what is your philosophy on communication? This is a big deal in our industry. The number one complaint from consumers about their realtors is poor communication. So you want to know, where do I fit into this whole process? What am I going to hear? What ways are you going to communicate to me? Is there a systematic plan for that? You want to be in touch with what the market is saying about your house. You want to know what other agents are saying, what buyers are saying and how the market is responding to what you have to offer out there.

So those are excellent questions that you really should consider when you're interviewing an agent. As I've said before, Austin has over 11,000 realtors subscribing to the MLS. Being that your home is probably your most valuable asset, you want to choose wisely.

So, stay tuned for more home selling tips right here at www.russ-phillips.com.