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Thinking of Buying a House in Austin? Think Wider!

Monday, November 20, 2017   /   by Meagan Henry

Thinking of Buying a House in Austin? Think Wider!

Austin is an amazing city. Seriously, we understand. With the ever-evolving food experiences, some of the best music in the world, and so many other things to get out and see or experience, what’s not to love? We know we certainly never get bored in our great capital! Which means you’ve probably been hunting, to little avail, for a home you can afford that will keep you close to all the action. Unfortunately, because so many people want to do just that, housing costs are at a premium! The Russ Phillips Team wants you to enjoy a home that offers all of Austin that you love, but still be able to find a home you can afford. Here’s how you can find balance and get the best of both worlds:


Home Values - Worth The Location?

Right now, many Millennials (those born roughly between 1980 and the early 2000s), are hitting that stage in their lives in which buying their first home is becoming a reality. Thanks to the booming economy and job opportunities, this is definitely the case for a great majority of Millennials in the greater Austin area, and realtors around the city are counting on that. What this means for everyone with dreams of living in the heart of Austin is that house, condo, and apartment ownership is more costly than ever, and increases even more the closer to the heart of the city one searches. The crux of the problem is this: are the benefits of living in the heart of Austin worth the price?

Expand Your Search

For many, even with salaried positions and a good chunk of money in savings, living downtown means a cramped condo, not the luxury of a chic open-floorplan pad the likes of which is usually seen in the movies. If you’re not enamored of the apartment life anymore, the time has probably come to expand your real estate search. Yes, we know that means you’re a bit further away from being in the middle of the action, but the benefits of looking a bit further may outweigh that. By expanding your property search further out of the heart of the city, you can:

  • Get more space - This is usually a primary perk for those willing to expand their search. Getting out of downtown means you can afford more square footage and will get some green space surrounding your home.

  • Room to grow - Millennials at the point of buying a house are probably also at the point of starting families. A home with more space means you can grow into it, instead of moving house again in a few years.

  • The fun isn’t far - Just because you’re not in the heart of everything, that doesn’t mean you can’t get there! If there’s something fun happening, go enjoy it then bask in the knowledge that you can leave the noise and chaos behind at the end of the night.

  • Better schools - The trend thus far in public schooling shows that public schools in suburbs are generally better funded and offer a better student-to-teacher ratio.

If you’re reading to expand your home search outside of Austin, call The Russ Phillips Team. Our expert realtors know Austin, Georgetown, and the surrounding areas well so we can find you the property that meets your exacting criteria. Call us to begin the process of buying a house today!