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Spring Has Arrived In Georgetown....Let's Go To the Park!

Monday, November 20, 2017   /   by Meagan Henry

Spring Has Arrived In Georgetown....Let's Go To the Park!

Georgetown, TX Offers Several Fantastic Parks


Do you know where all the parks are in Georgetown? Well, neither did I. But, spring is on its way, if not already here….so, I thought I would do a little research. Fifteen. There are FIFTEEN parks listed on the City of Georgetown Parks and Recreation site…I had no idea. When our kids were younger, I only knew of two parks. San Gabriel Park and the park by the recreation center. Momma needed to get out of the house. There was a purple dinosaur. McDonald’s was on the way. So, we went.

But, my entry into the world of real estate has given me fresh, new eyes with which to view the little town that my children will someday call their "hometown." I’m looking at local businesses, neighborhood amenities….and now, parks. So, as my #springhassprung "gift" to you, I shall give you a City of Georgetown Park Lowdown. I like the sound of that.

San Gabriel Park

She is the mother of all the parks. Family gatherings, sporting events, concerts, fireworks, festivals, and cattle drives have all claimed their spot on her 180+ acres. In this massive span of green grass, you will find huge shade trees, a river, a hike and bike path, and playgrounds for the little ones. There are also pavilions that can be reserved and disc golf to be played. If you haven’t been, you’re missing out. Go. Enjoy the spring. Here’s a link with a map and a little more info: https://parks.georgetown.org/renting-san-gabriel-park/

Creative Playscape

When our kiddos were little, we called it the "rec center playground" ….and it was all made out of wood. Apparently, that playground was built in 1993. In 2013, plans began for the newer version of the playground that exists next to the Georgetown Recreation Center today. The newest improvements include a teepee, a triple slide, a train, and a cow. I think I want to go back. Maybe without the kids. https://parks.georgetown.org/creative-playscape/

Blue Hole

bluehole georgetown tx

Located in the river area behind the ever delicioso El Monumento, the Blue Hole is a local fav. A word of precaution, though. The actual swimming area is quite deep and probably not meant for littles. There is a much more shallow area at the bottom of the waterfall (assuming we’ve had rain). Also, it gets QUITE busy on warm weekends. https://parks.georgetown.org/blue-hole/

San Jose Park/Splash Pad

NEW PARK ALERT! NEW PARK ALERT! This one opened up on April 1, 2016!!! How exciting! I’ve never been….haven’t even driven by. Maybe I will go on my lunch break.


Rivery Park

Yet another park that was not in existence when I had littles. Rivery Park ALSO has a hike and bike trail and a nice, clean pavilion that is available for reservation. On a warm day, you could go cookout, sit in the shade of the pavilion with friends and beverages and watch your kiddos have lots of fun on the playground that is super close!


Georgetown Skate Park

If your children are a little older and like to ride a skateboard or roller skates, the Skate Park might be the place for them! It is also located in San Gabriel Park….but, unless you have INCREDIBLE balance, you may just want to watch.


Booty’s Park

This park has a HUGE pavilion that is available for reservations and also has access to hike and bike trails that lead to the lake. It would be perfect for a lovely spring family gathering or a Sunday picnic.


Other park options include:

the Bark Park for your canine family members- https://parks.georgetown.org/bark-park/

the Downtown Splash pad, if you are wanting something small—-or want to cool off on a lunch break- https://parks.georgetown.org/downtown-splash-pad/

Georgetown softball fields—even if you don’t want to play or watch softball, there are some little playgrounds here - https://maps.georgetown.org/mcmaster-athletic-complex/

The Georgetown Recreation Center outdoor splash pool- lots of fun for your young ones when the Texas temps invitebly rise- https://parks.georgetown.org/rec-center-play-pool/

The Village subdivision, off of Shell Rd has several playgrounds that are open to the public

And, of course, we can’t forget Lake Georgetown— http://www.swf-wc.usace.army.mil/georgetown/

New Parks Coming To Georgetown

In case you didn’t notice, this was not a list of 15 parks. As I dug a little deeper, I realized that there are SEVERAL parks on the horizon…which is exciting!! Here are those links, in case you want to read up on them:

Garey Park- https://parks.georgetown.org/garey-park/

VFW Park- https://parks.georgetown.org/vfw-park/

Westside Park- https://parks.georgetown.org/westside-park/

Remember, whichever option you choose, be safe. Wear sunscreen. Eat your vegetables. You know….all that mom stuff. Enjoy! And HAPPY SPRING from the Russ Phillips Team at Keller Williams on 9th and Austin Ave. Call us with ANY questions. We love to help our neighbors! 512-888-9205