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Monday, November 20, 2017   /   by Meagan Henry


Here's Some Good Advice On Selling Your Home

What can I do to sell my house faster?

An assumption that many people make is that if you sell your home quickly, it was priced too low. Quite the opposite is true.  An OVERWHELMING percentage of buyers begin their search online and continue to watch the internet closely.  Because this is true, buyers enter the market with more information (and misinformation) than at any time in history.  What you need is a system that delivers your home to where buyers are really looking AND a method to present your home's value in the most favorable light.  Our team has proven methods to accomplish both, and after understanding your timing and your needs, we'll price according to your goals.

What home improvements will yield the highest return when I have my home appraised? 

The National Association of Realtors has conducted a study that concluded that improvements in the kitchen and master bath are the only ones where you might break even if the repairs are made in order to sell.  But choose carefully!  Just because money was spent, that does not mean a buyer will be willing to pay what the homeowner paid for the improvement.  Additionally, removing reasons that a buyer might find to NOT buy your home should be considered . And lastly, deferred maintenance can really plant seeds of doubt in a buyer 's mind.  It's best to remove obvious flaws since the studies show that buyers always assume repairs will cost more than they actually do.

How much does it cost to use a Real Estate Agent?

Actually, the better question is "How much does it cost to NOT use a Realtor, or to use a poor one?"  At the Russ Phillips Team, we have success stories where we have netted tens of thousands of dollars above what other agents (and even appraisers) said a property was worth.  For example, one listing appraised $95,000 below the contract price with a buyer.  Russ was able to find errors in the appraisal and convince the buyer to close at the contract price without concessions, not only saving the seller a ton of money, but also keeping the deal together.  The key is to focus on the NET to the seller.


Does it cost me money out of pocket to sell my house?

No!  Realtors (good Realtors) will pay marketing expenses out of pocket and commissions are almost always contingent upon a closing occurring.

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