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"Overnight Success" usually comes at the end of a long time of working hard

Monday, November 20, 2017   /   by Meagan Henry

"Overnight Success" usually comes at the end of a long time of working hard

Being A Successful Realtor Takes Hard Work


Ever seen someone pop up as being famous and touted as having had a meteoric rise to the top? Usually, if you dig deeper, you find these folks have worked for a LONG time honing their talents and working to be noticed.

Have you ever watched a duck swim quickly across a pond? What's above water seems so chilled out and relaxed, but beneath the surface, there's a whole lotta energy being burned!!

I'm proud to announce that the Russ Phillips Team just sold another luxury property through our Sphere of Influence.

What does this mean? And what does it have to do with famous people and ducks and such?

It means that when the seller contacted me, we studied the market value and I made recommendations for "as-is" and also for what I'd want to price it at if some money was spent to update it. The sellers live out of town, so that would be something of a hassle.

Getting the Right Price for Buyer and Seller

During the process of gathering bids, we closed on another client's home, and they were leasing it back. This client had been shopping with Ashley for their next home, and voila! It turned out to be a match.

Ashley and I negotiated against one another and were able to reach terms that satisfied both sides. It was a fair negotiation, and both buyer and seller were educated about the market. The sellers ultimately got a quick and easy sale and the buyers got the first opportunity at this property, having shopped the local market before this one came up. It closed this morning. Easy, right? Well...

This is an example of what can happen when you have FULL TIME agents working consistently day in and day out. Figure in also that we've been doing this now for YEARS. You build up a sphere of influence and sometimes things pop and it does LOOK easy.

Still, so much happened in the background to lead up to this point. While the timing proved fortunate, I believe we "made our own luck" because we'd already closed on the buyer's residence and had negotiated a leaseback wherein they could stay awhile longer while they figured out their next move. That sale required me to defend value from a poor appraisal.

Plus, when you're always trying to bring buyers into your sphere of influence through web leads and database incubation...sometimes the magic all comes together. We work through a lot of "No's" before we find the "Yes's" out there. That's part of the job no one really seems to know about.

The truth is, it's not easy. I really believe that the expertise required to handle these transactions well involved niche experience that many agents do not possess. It also required the willingness on the part of the agents to walk away if their client was not satisfied with the deal. We don't push our clients to do things they are not comfortable with.

At the end of the day, everyone got what they wanted. The seller sold, the buyer bought, and both liked the end results. Easy, right? :)