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It's Hip to Be (On The) Square - The Charms of Downtown Georgetown

Monday, November 20, 2017   /   by Meagan Henry

It's Hip to Be (On The) Square - The Charms of Downtown Georgetown

Anyone who has visited Georgetown knows it’s a special place. As one of the top realtor teams in the area, The Russ Phillips Team could have picked any number of places in or around Austin to locate our office—and we picked Georgetown for a reason. The blend of modern amenities and historical charm meld to create a magical small-town feeling that thrives on knowing your neighbor and loving where you live. The sense of close-knit community here is a rare feeling so close to the fast-paced life of our capital city. And really, that’s what makes Georgetown such a magical place to live and work; we are close enough to enjoy the happenings in the heart of Austin, but far enough removed that we can truly be a part of the community in which we live. This is why The Russ Phillips Team chose to place our office in the heart of historic downtown Georgetown.


History Meets Community

Our town is blessed to have an abundance of historic buildings gracing the downtown area. In order to preserve these pieces of our history, not only has Georgetown preserved these spaces as much as possible, but each of us with a business here abides by a few guidelines in order to keep these physical reminders of our history around as long as possible. We feel it’s a pretty important step to take since some of these historic buildings were here when we were still the great Republic of Texas—something to be particularly proud of, since ours is the only state to be a country first.


If that wasn’t enough of a reason to preserve our history this way, the historic downtown area also serves as the heart of our community through the plethora of events hosted year-round. Enjoy Market Days on The Square from March to November and see what local artisans and craftsmen have to offer. Or bring the whole family out for a summer concert on The Square. Once the weather cools, come out for the Lighting of The Square the Friday after Thanksgiving, and don’t forget the Christmas Stroll! Our fair city plays host to an abundance of events all year to foster that feeling of community we know is so valuable.


Preserving History In Our Space

The Russ Phillips Team office is located in what was once the Sanders & Lesesne Drugstore. When you come by our office, be sure to stop and read the historical marker plaque outside and learn a bit more about what makes our space so special. We may have spruced the place up with some paint and newer windows and doors, but we’ve done our best to preserve the features of our building as it was.


For us, working as your local realtor team means more than having an office in the area. Working in Georgetown means being a part of this special community, and we strive to do what we can to enhance that. Whether it’s caring for our building or participating in community events—be sure to join our VIP program for special perks when the Red Poppy Festival and other local events!—we are proud to be a part of the Georgetown community.


Community Matters

When you come to The Russ Phillips Team to find a realtor, you get more than just a real estate agent to help with your property search. We want each and every one of our clients to feel like family when you work with us. Do you have a question about home maintenance or need a school suggestion? Give us a call, whether we helped you find a home last week or last year; we’re happy to help. If you’re ready to begin your property search and be welcomed into the wonderful Georgetown community, contact The Russ Phillips Team today!