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Fly Fishin' In Central Texas

Monday, November 20, 2017   /   by Meagan Henry

Fly Fishin' In Central Texas

Fly Fishing In the Hill Country Is Fantastic

When the majority of people hear Texas and fly fishing in the same sentence they will automatically think of the Texas coast. Areas such as Rockport and South Padre are well known for their Redfish, Speckled Trout, Flounder and Billfish populations; all excellent fighting fish and a fishing spot to certainly have on your "to do" list. Yet, Texas offers many other regions where fly fisherman can cast their lines in confidence that something will not only bite, but put up a fight while being reeled in.  Central Texas, while not obvious, is a haven for trout if you are able to find the rivers. Rivers such as: The Blanco, Guadalupe, Lampasas, Llano, and Pedernales. There is also the San Gabriel which is more known for Catfish and Perch fishing.


The Rivers of Central Texas Are Stocked!

For a fly fisherman, or any fisherman for that matter, we all know it’s not only the frequency of our catch but the fight it gives back. "Winter Stocking" is something not widely known among the main fishing circles but Rainbow trout are stocked in several rivers for the winter months. The Guadalupe River is the most "well known" of such rivers and provides an excellent chance to reel in a fighting Rainbow Trout. The Canyon Tailrace, a short drive from Austin, is the best place in Central Texas to try and find a Rainbow in the Spring and Summer months. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department provides "Winter Stocking Schedules" online. Every year the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department stocks 250,000 Rainbow Trout into Central Texas rivers and streams.

The region outside of San Antonio is also an excellent area to find trout on the end of your line. The Hill Country provides an excellent winter climate for the cold water preferring trout. Many trout cannot survive the warmer river waters of the Texan warmer months. With that being said it is not just important to find the right location to cast your line, but also the timing of when you go out to fly fish. There are over 100 locations across Texas that will be stocked with trout so the odds are good if you time it right.

Llano also is a keen spot for fly fishermen searching for that good fighting trout. Llano not only provides excellent fishing, but beautiful scenery as well. The region of Central Texas is second-to-none with its rolling hills and beautiful valleys.  It is a reward in itself searching the Hill County for your favorite fishing spot both in beauty and culture. The Texan "friendliness" is well known and is in no short supply in the Central Texas Region.

Just Looking for the Best Spot Is Fun

So explore the beauty of the Texas Hill Country; the scenic views, amazing wineries, fine Texan culture, and of course for the fishing! The region will not disappoint even if your fishing basket remains empty.  Central Texas is the jewel of the state, and anyone who fails to explore its hidden treasures will only be disappointing themselves! From amazing Austin to fantastic Fredericksburg; Central Texas will not disappoint. Happy fishing!

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