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DON'T Do These Things When Househunting.

Monday, November 20, 2017   /   by Meagan Henry

DON'T Do These Things When Househunting.

Advice For Home Buyers

The weekend is a great opportunity to go house hunting a lot of people take the opportunity. Here are a few things NOT to do if you want to have a successful outing:

Don't lock yourself in time-wise for the day. What happens when you go see something you like, want to linger at a particular property, or maybe even make an offer right then? You're out of luck if you scheduled an early dinner with friends. House hunting requires time to accommodate the unexpected.

Don't go to houses that don't meet your criteria. Seriously, why waste the time? If you've planned out the parameters your new house needs to meet, don't take the time to just look at houses that seem interesting or appealing. Stay focused on your game plan.

Don't react too quickly. Though it can be hard to resist 'falling in love at first sight' sometimes, the most effective house searches are done with an even temperament. Once you're in love, it's too easy to overlook or dismiss shortcomings or challenges that may make the house not a great fit actually.

Don't be shy. You're not being nosy or pushy by asking to see all of the spaces of a house. Take your time and really examine the properties you're looking at.

Don't go hungry. It may not seem that important, but househunting requires walking and energy. By the end of the afternoon, it's easy to be sagging and not make the full effort required. Pack some snacks (esp. a few carbs) so you'll have the energy and attention needed.

Don't take separate cars--share cars with your realtor. You'll guarantee nobody gets lost or separated and you'll be able to spend the time driving productively--talking privately about the house you just visited.

Don't wear laced shoes. Many houses that are showing will have signs asking visitors to please remove their shoes before touring. They need to protect the carpeting. Slip-on shoes make the day much easier.

Don't wear too casual clothes. Though it may seem a little surprising, you're making an impression too. Especially in a hot market, where sellers might be entertaining multiple bids, putting your best foot forward is important.

Don't trash talk. The irony is that many house hunters will trash talk about details of houses (like current artwork or decoration) they're actually really interested in.

Have any other items you've learned to avoid? I'd love to hear'em!

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