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Community Matters: Helping After Hurricane Harvey

Monday, November 20, 2017   /   by Meagan Henry

Community Matters: Helping After Hurricane Harvey

Here at The Russ Phillips team, community is one of the most important things to us. When we talk about community, usually we talk about community in regards to living and working locally in Georgetown and all the myriad reasons we’re proud to be a part of this beautiful enclave outside of Austin. But community doesn’t stop at the city limits or the county line; sometimes, it goes much further. When something as big as a hurricane sweeps through, it affects so many families across our great state that we couldn’t help but get involved—because yes, our local community is important to us, but so is our state and our nation.


The Toll of Disaster

When Hurricane Harvey blew up the Gulf Coast and straight through Houston, those strong winds and powerful rain did a lot of damage, but they were then followed by days of flooding that heaped even more dangers on top of disaster. With so many families displaced and homes destroyed, Harvey darn near leveled a huge Texas community. At the Russ Phillips Team, we work with our community through every stage of the real estate process, so we have a deep understanding of just how important a person’s home is. It’s not just shelter, it’s a place where friends and family come together, where memories are made, where our most treasured things are kept secure. So, when a disaster strikes, the toll is just as much emotional as it is physical.


Beginning to Recover

As soon as the flood waters receded enough for families to get back to their homes, recovery efforts began in full swing. Russ, Ashley, and Jeff went down to pitch in and help with the recovery process, and were amazed at the camaraderie that joined a devastated community together. Homes that were still standing and safe to enter were being cleared at an impressively rapid rate. Neighbors and friends came together to sort through everything in a home, to determine what was salvageable and what was not and haul everything unsalvageable outside. Just think about the level of trust it takes for neighbors or total strangers to be sorting through everything you own, looking for jewelry or knick knacks that could be saved, going through every drawer and closet.


The Ties of Community

While it may sound incredibly invasive to have a stranger digging through your underwear drawer, the clear-out process is a necessary part of the physical recovery—but it’s also a testament to the strong ties that can form between people and communities. At one point, Russ and the team were served jambalaya by a volunteer who drove out from New Orleans to pay forward the help he received after Hurricane Katrina devastated his city. It’s moments like these that the importance of community shines forth. Russ also talked to a family who had their home on the market for more than six months. Just two weeks before Harvey made landfall, they switched to a Keller Williams realtor, and in the aftermath of the hurricane, a bus full of Keller Williams realtors came to clean out their home for them. It’s these moments that really how just how perfect God’s timing is, and why community matters so much.


At The Russ Phillips Team, we are proud to be more than just a realtor team, we are locals with strong ties to our community. If you’re looking for a realtor in the Georgetown area, come to the team who will treat you like family. Contact us today to learn more!