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A Few Thoughts On the Importance Of Family

Monday, November 20, 2017   /   by Meagan Henry

A Few Thoughts On the Importance Of Family

The Russ Phillips Team Family

Family is important. And I have a lot of families. No, it's not likely what you're thinking. Of course I enjoy all the graces afforded me by the family Debbie and I have created, but then there is also my church family, and have you ever heard that old saying, "friends are the family you choose?" Well, I've chosen quite a beautiful family of friends for myself who I love and care about. Then there's my team (the Russ Phillips Team) and I like to think of them the same way I think about my family of friends. That's why a few months ago at one of our meetings, we decided it was about time we instituted something we like to call 'RPT Family Time.' At RPT Family Time we get together with our spouses and our kids and we, for lack of a better word, hang out. Yesterday, we got together at Southwestern University (you may remember from a recent blog how much I love that Georgetown can claim them as a member of the community) to cheer on the ladies basketball team. I'm not sure how many of you know this, but Ashley's wife, Kerri, is the head coach of the women's basketball team at southwestern university. If you've never been to this free sporting event - you are really missing out, as the coach is as spirited as the girls are, and watching Kerri lead them to a win was as satisfying as the girls actually winning.



Sitting in the stands and greeting friends as they walked by reminded me of how lucky I am to live in Georgetown where people still know my name and warmly greet me as they pass by. Sitting next to my family and my team, chatting and laughing together, reminded me of how blessed I am to work in an office where we work hard and play hard and do both together. We don't just think of families in our free time either - we think of families as a matter of our job.

When you think about it, helping families get where they are going is really what we are all about. People move for all kinds of reasons: growing family, empty nest, new job, divorce, upsizing, downsizing. Some of those reasons are good and those families come to our team with hope and excitement for the new stage of life they are embarking on. Some of those reasons are bad and those families come to us with burdened hearts looking for help in the process of moving on. No matter the reasons, we take pride in treating your family like our family and we are serious about helping you get where you're going. So in 2015, our team goals include more RPT family time AND an even stronger dedication to helping families make their move with the same heart and passion we would give to anyone of our own family members. After all, that's what it means to be on the Russ Phillips Team!