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About Our Realtors - Russ Phillips Team

Russ Phillips, Georgetown, and Central Texas Realtors®

Since his start in 2003, Russ Phillips has been one of the top Georgetown and Austin realtors, and has been committed to a simple truth in his real estate practice that he learned from his family: “If you take care of things well, you will be well taken care of.” Russ grew up just outside of Austin in the Westlake area and his strong work ethic comes from a legacy of family ranchers. Russ is committed to being your trusted advisor in your real estate search, and his straightforward, low-key approach has led to real estate industry recognition including acknowledgment as a Texas Monthly Five Star Realtor, being named a Top 10 Realtor by the Austin Business Journal, and being in the Platinum Top 50 Realtors of Austin each year since 2011.  The Russ Phillips Team Was Named the #1 Realtor in Williamson County in 2016.

Being one of the top Georgetown and Austin realtors requires a lot of work - but there's more to the story...

  • Grew up just outside of Austin, Texas
  • Lives in Liberty Hill, but pretends it's Georgetown
  • Married to a quirky, fun-loving kindergarten teacher with two brilliant children
  • Avid cyclist and 80s music fan
  • Horse Enthusiast
  • Used to be a cowboy for a living
  • UT Graduate - and former college radio disc jockey
  • Loves the mountains, but fears the oceans (Jaws!)

Ashley Brinkoeter

Buyer Specialist

Ashley has worked successfully in non-profit fundraising and higher education administration, but decided to make a career out of his hobby: real estate investing. As a buyer specialist, Ashley focuses on helping you find the right home, negotiating terms and price, and navigating paperwork and process in either Austin or Georgetown.

  • Grew up in White Oak, Texas
  • Married to the 2015 SCAC Coach of the Year with two champion kids
  • Lives in Georgetown
  • Avid golfer and Southwestern University basketball fan
  • Graduate of Southwestern University

Meagan Henry

Executive Administrator

Meagan makes sure the Russ Phillips Team is a well-oiled machine! As Executive Administrator, she also makes sure our client communication is second to none and you're kept in the loop during the entire real estate process.

  • Grew up in and around the hill country (Blanco, Austin, Pflugerville, Georgetown)
  • Married to her high school sweetheart
  • Lives in East Austin
  • Graduate of Texas State University
  • Scuba Diving enthusiast

Jessica VanderHaar

Buyer Specialist for the Russ Phillips Team

  • Wife of my very best friend – who keeps me both grounded and uplifted at once
  • Mother of 4 amazing children – who continue to sharpen my wit and keep me on my toes
  • Loves to dance…especially in the car…at red lights…while my kids duck for cover
  • Randomly breaks into song at any given moment
  • Loves the thought of exercising but not so much the “doing”
  • Passion is to bring joy to others, make them smile, be the bright spot in their day
  • Favorite music is Contemporary Christian
  • Truly want the best for people and enjoy being a part of their life
  • Doesn’t have to be dragged to action flics. Goes willingly and with great enthusiasm
  • Loves our military….always
  • Blessed to get to make friends for a living and be involved in helping people achieve their goals and dreams.
  • Has a motorcycle license but no motorcycle….yet
  • Told my husband, while we were dating, Taco Bell, a Dollar Movie and laughter would win my heart…..still true. Its about Quality of time spent, not Quantity of money spent.
  • Dreams of going to Israel and Ireland
  • Not a fan of swimming in the ocean. Would like to keep all my limbs intact
  • Loves to “go for a drive” and explore. Spontaneous trips are my favorite.
  • Denver Broncos baby!!! Enough said

Mellani Hall

Listing Coordinator

  • Raised in Arkansas
  • Lover of College Football – Gig Em Aggies
  • Lives in Georgetown
  • Enjoys Decorating and Interior Design
  • Enjoys Baking and creating new recipes
  • Happily married and Mom to three amazing boys
About That Hat

Russ's cowboy hat has become synonymous with his personality and his business. He has been spotted working and wearing his trademark topper so long that he was once told, "That hat belongs in a museum!" Today, that's just where you'll find it, The Williamson Museum downtown on Austin Avenue.